We hope to open some eyes to new ways of looking at the world around us. Through art and technology we have the ability to do this. Many of the perspectives we have in life we are given and born from, but with every word, image, sound and so on, we are given new views and ways to perceive life. Through art and the technologies we build, that future can build and develop into something worth living.

We work towards not just increasing the quality of life but also the very foundation of what it means to be alive through new ways of seeing and interacting with the world. By being more comfortable with our own self awareness, we are able to also be more comfortable with the impacts we have. With art and science, these impacts can benefit both the world and the observer.


Taking on a new way of life


After years of development and choosing from the many paths our corporation could take during the initial stages, we decided that with the current climate in the environment, politics, technology, and culture, it is time to start guiding the economy back to the ecology. With science and art we can do this in ways that are both approachable to everyone in all walks of life, but also in ways that are easy to work with and familiar yet safer.

By avoiding manufacturing using old processing that would have otherwise added to the problems in the environment, we wish to join with companies around the world in the movement towards cleaner products and a more ecology aware product basis.

Join us as we grow into the new world and as we take on new responsibilities and product possibilities to grow the future into the utopia we have all been waiting for!

Thank you and have an amazing day!

Nikolas Hayes - Owner and excited member of the future