Forethought United

The Future in Forethought


Creating the vision of Future in the now.

We primarily will be focusing on producing art to help fund further projects in technology that will be made available as they are developed. Each work of art or technology is meant to bring an awareness to the environment or to help increase the quality of our impact on the environment compared to alternative options.

There are many groups in the world focused on the future, the now, here, art, science, philosophy, and much more. Forethought United Technology Corporation is built to join in on this journey shared by many others to add our voice into the fold of a new generation of awareness that has finally begun to take hold. By uniting all of our ideas and technologies, culture and methods, we become stronger as a species, planet, and so on.

By taking small steps towards the future we all want through tangible actions like creating art and technology, it gives opportunities that are immediately available to you when you need them to increase the quality of your living environment, and the world at large.

With Art we can be inspired to imagine new paths of thought and emotions that open doors to different perspectives and solutions to different situations in life. Imaginations takes us beyond what we already know.

Through technology we find solutions are more available in a world that needs them to let us innovate and create possibilities that don’t just trade one issue for another but let us move forward into new realms of experience. Each step towards that goal by removing plastic usage or at least decreasing harmful material demand, we change our impact into one that becomes sustainable for a growing and inspired future.

In an era where decisions matter, we all shape the world and it certainly shapes us. Let’s guide the future towards something we can all appreciate.

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